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The ‘Helle Mitte’ clinic is a specialist clinic for treating degenerative spinal diseases. It has 24 beds for patients with statutory as well as private health insurance. The focus is on interdisciplinary cooperation between neurosurgeons and specialists from other therapy-relevant disciplines.          

Individual treatment concepts are developed in a cross-disciplinary team and can include minimally invasive and surgical procedures as well as conservative therapies. If surgery is needed, we are able to perform the operation with a high degree of experience. For example, around 900 spinal operations are performed at the ‘Helle Mitte’ clinic every year – successfully and with a high level of patient satisfaction.

Another special highlight of the clinic is the personal care provided to our patients by the respective surgeon that even extends beyond the discharge period. This takes place in close cooperation with our referring doctors.

1st Place in patient satisfaction of specialist clinics.

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