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Inpatient Admission

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Before inpatient admission

If an inpatient admission is indicated to treat your spinal complaints, you will receive a referral from your treating doctor. Please note the following:

  • If necessary, inform your employer in good time about the date of your admission
  • Where required (depending on the nature of your complaints), ask an accompanying person to help you with organisational matters related to your stay at the clinic
  • We will let you know the date of your inpatient admission in advance and inform you about any accompanying precautionary measures (for example, time of the last possible intake of food)
  • If possible, pack your items in a small case or bag (hand luggage size). Your visitors may be able to bring you any other things you need, such as fresh laundry.



  • Health insurance card, referral slip, confirmation of cost coverage from health insurance fund or insurance company and cash or cash card for paying the statutory co-payment
  • If applicable, laboratory results, findings of preliminary examinations (X-ray images and so on)
  • Medical identification documents such as diabetes passport, X-ray record card, pacemaker ID card, Marcumar card, living will, proof of exemption from co-payment


  • Personal toiletries for body, dental, hair and nail care
  • Comfortable-fitting clothing (for example, nightwear, bathrobe, casual wear as well as comfortable-fitting shoes and bathing slippers)
  • Other aids such as glasses and hearing aids
  • All medicines and/or current medication plan

Towels and flannels are provided by the clinic.

If possible, please leave larger amounts of cash, valuables and jewellery at home.

Procedure on admission day

  • On the day of admission, please report to the nurses' room on the 5th floor. You will be admitted there and provided with all relevant information about your stay at the clinic.

During the consultation with the doctor

Describe your current complaints and let the doctor know whether you need an incapacity certificate to give to your employer.

During the conversation with nursing staff

Please inform our nursing staff about any food intolerances, allergies or other circumstances that may affect your stay at our clinic.

Checklist to tick off and print out

☐ Health insurance card, referral slip, declaration of cost coverage and, if necessary, further medical documents
☐ Cosmetic bag or toilet bag
☐ Comfortable, loose clothing
☐ Bathing slippers
☐ If needed, glasses, hearing aid or other necessary aids
☐ Medicines you are currently taking including your medication plan
☐ Cash or cash card for paying the statutory co-payment

The team at the ‘Helle Mitte’ clinic wishes you a pleasant stay and a speedy recovery!