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Multimodal inpatient pain therapy

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Multimodal inpatient pain therapy


In addition to the focus on surgical treatment, the ‘Helle Mitte’ clinic offers multimodal inpatient pain therapy to treat chronic pain in the area of the spine that lasts longer than three months.

An interdisciplinary and interprofessional diagnosis is carried out as part of a pain medical assessment. The medical disciplines involved include special pain therapy and neurosurgery. The therapeutic disciplines involved include psychological pain therapy, psychotherapy, sports therapy and physiotherapy.

The central goal of treatment is the restoration of objective and subjective functional ability (‘functional restoration’) with an increase in the patient’s ability to control and their sense of competence; the approach is resource-oriented. A personalised treatment plan is developed for the patient, consisting of neural therapy, PRT/FCI for reducing pain, personalised medical training therapy, personalised physiotherapy, relaxation techniques using PMR, education, psychological pain therapy, enjoyment training and pain management.

The breadth of the therapy offered corresponds to the basic bio-psycho-social understanding of chronic pain disorders. The close patient guidance allows the content of the therapy to be quickly adapted to the situation and condition of the patient.