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Microsurgical procedures, among other things, help to ensure a gentle surgical technique. The aim here is not to excessively affect or injure nerves, bone structures, joints and muscle insertions. For this purpose, we use cutting-edge surgical techniques, which include the surgical microscope with sufficient depth of field plus adaptive microsurgical instruments. This guarantees the success of the treatment – along with a clear and proper indication and our many years of experience.


Indications for spinal surgery

  • Degenerative disc diseases in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine with clear neurological symptoms
  • Spinal stenosis with neurological symptoms and/or significant restriction of the ability to exercise (spinal claudication)
  • Malalignments of the spine with functional or neurological symptoms
  • Stabilisation operations including alignment in case of listhesis or other instabilities
  • Traumatic or osteoporotic vertebral body fractures
  • Space-occupying lesions including metastases of the spine with neurological symptoms and/or static changes